About - Sergey Malinin Photographer

A few words about me

My childhood was spent in the cold northern land in the arctic city of Murmansk. The non-setting summer sun, impenetrable darkness of the polar night, the northern lights and the endless winter did not seem anything special to me, filling every day of my life. Only later realized, what an amazing place I was lucky to be born.

From an early age I loved walking in the woods that grew up not far from our house, each time coming up with new routes in search of interesting places. Unexplored distances attracted me more and more every year, inspiring new adventures.

In recent years I often travel alone, which allows to experience the true feeling of belonging to the mystery of nature, its sensitivity and fickleness. Photography has become an indispensable companion, part of me, giving a chance to tell about moments of silence and solitude, conducted away from human civilization. Whisper of the forest and the silent beauty of the mountains became the music of my soul.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments with me today.

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